Instant Death Chapter 33

Chapter 33 - Might be time for some experiments

Yuuki collapsed.
Stefanie, who specialized in regeneration magic, tried healing him, but he didn't show any reaction.
Despite having been in perfect shape just moments ago he fell to the ground without any warning whatsoever -- there was no one around them that could have harmed him, no one had done anything at all.
And yet he had definitely died.
Unable to deny that truth, Stefanie clung to his body and broke into tears with a heartrending cry.

Instant Death Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - And that's it for Zombie Time!

The feudal lord of Hayabusa, Ryouta, was one of the many adherents of the rulers of this world, the sages.
However, that didn't mean he was a fan of them.
He had a simple reason for harboring an aversion against them, a reason that was difficult to ignore for someone like him, who considered themselves an upstanding human being: Pretty much everyone that had to do with them was a jerk.
Although, no matter how he thought of them and their methods, the fact that they were the ones repelling the otherworldly calamities was true.

Instant Death Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - Life's harsh

『Weird thing to bring up, but can't you make your scream sound a little cuter?』

Yogiri and Tomochika had finished their interrogation of Chelsea and were currently descending past the hotel's second floor, when Tomochika suddenly screamed for her life.

"Oh, a cockroa――"

"Don't say it! If I hear that word now I won't be able to think of anything else so stop!"

Instant Death Chapter 30

Chapter 30 - I just need to kill him before he can use it

Underground Ruins - First Floor
Yuuki was currently on his way to the exit when he sensed the sudden death of Lisa.

"Master, is something the matter?"

The two personal guards next to Yuuki, Euphemia and Stefanie, immediately noticed that their master had just sensed something.
Ignoring them, Yuuki called up Lisa's action log and saw the mysterious crumbling of her magic, then her death. Shortly after that Chelsea joined the battle only for her dolls to be rendered useless, upon which she lost her will to fight. Still alive, Chelsea told the two classmates all the information she had regarding Yuuki's side.

Instant Death Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - Just what kind of battles was my family planning to take on...?
"Hm, but the last magic user we met didn't use a staff."

He already forgot the name, but Yogiri recalled the one time a classmate destroyed their bus without using anything like a staff.

"I-I'm a Wand Master. I can extract magic power from staves and wands, but casting magic without them is impossible for me."

The cowering Lisa explained timidly but earnestly.
Her class could cast many powerful and swift magical attacks, but only as long as the equipped tool had them installed, so to speak.

Instant Death Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - What do you mean you killed ice!? Are you getting philosophical again!?

When Tomochika returned to her room she packed her things right away. Her belongings were few enough to fit in a backpack, so it didn't take too much time.

『Can we talk for a second?』

Tomochika was just about to leave the room when her guardian spirit, Mokomoko, spoke up.

"What? If I don't hurry up I'll make Takatou-kun wait."

Instant Death Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - With a level ten times as high that much is to be expected

The Dominator class allowed one to know what each slave was up to, but not all of them simultaneously -- too much information would have to be taken in at once. Consequently, the base setting was for the Dominator to be notified only upon major events.